Be Liberal with your cake…

La Pepa Cake draped in the Spanish and EU Flags
La Pepa Cake draped in the Spanish and EU Flags

For my first post it seems appropriate to begin with a celebration! And, as I live in the political capital of Europe, here’s a political cake I was asked to make. If you didn’t know already (and how could you not?) this year is the 200th Anniversary of the Spanish 1812 Constitution – the first Liberal constitution in Europe. So last night, the Spanish Liberals (Centro Democrático Liberal) together with the European Liberals (ELDR) had a party to celebrate at the Instituto Cervantes in Brussels. Here’s the cake – La Pepa is the nickname given to the Spanish Constitution because it was adopted on St Joseph’s Day (the diminutive of Joseph in Spanish is Pepe, hence Pepa). So, there you go, a fascinating fact to amaze your friends with today…

One thought on “Be Liberal with your cake…

  1. Thank you so much for the amazingly declicious and beautiful Simnel cake – sadly only a few crumbs are left but we will be back soon for more yummy treats1 Julia

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