Egg-static Easter Weekly Bake…

Easter Chick Iced Biscuits
Easter Chick Biscuits
Easter Cake Pops
Easter Cake Pops

Well, the Easter Bunny will be hopping round the corner any day now. This year, why not get a special little personalised something to pop into your loved one’s egg cup on Easter morning – or even onto their plate. This week, I’m offering personalised Easter biscuits and Easter cake pops. Just give me your loved one’s name or a three word message (difficult to fit more than that on a cake pop) and I will incorporate it into the design. You could even get them a selection of other Easter themed cake pops to go with it.  Here on the left are some ideas. Click on the picture to see the cake pops in full detail.

Sweet Spiced Raisin Hot Cross Buns
Sweet Spiced Raisin Hot Cross Buns

This week’s other bakes are variations on the British Easter essential (eaten on Good Friday usually), the Hot Cross Bun. So as well as the original sweetly spiced Hot Cross Buns, I’m also making versions with Cinnamon, Apple and Marzipan, or Spiced Chocolate and Orange, or finally (for a real fusion) there are also Hot Cross Scones on offer. Buy the buns fresh from my oven, or frozen, ready for you to pop into your oven on Easter morning – everyone will think you’re a domestic God and I won’t be there to tell…

Personalised Easter Egg Cake Pops: €2,50 each
Other Cake Pops (Easter Bunny, Easter Bonnet, Sheep, Easter Basket): €3,00 each
Hot Cross Buns: €10 for 6
Hot Cross Scones: €12 for 12
Selection of Easter Biscuits: €10 for 12

Please place your order by email: before noon on Thursday 29th March.

As The English Baker will be away from 2nd to 11th April, exceptionally orders can be collected from me in Merode by appointment any time on Friday 30th March, Saturday 31st March or Sunday 1st April ready for Easter.

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