The Weekly Bake Breakfast Delights…

If you love breakfast, you’ll love this week’s Weekly Bake – although (by popular demand) there is a special guest appearance from an old Afternoon Tea favourite…

Chelsea Buns
Chelsea Buns (click on image to enlarge)

Chelsea Buns – the sticky ones with cinnamon, raisins and brown sugar all rolled up in a snail-shell bun – perfect with your coffee. Can be supplied frozen for you to bake at home – the smell alone will get the stragglers down for breakfast in no time!

Plain American Muffins with Jam
Plain American Muffins (click on image to enlarge)

Old Fashioned Plain American Muffins – these have a great sconey-flavour,  not nearly as sweet as their mass-produced modern equivalents. The perfect uncomplicated breakfast bun, warm from the oven with just a knob of butter and a dollop of jam.

Wholemeal English Muffins
Wholemeal English Muffins (click on image to enlarge)

English Muffins – big, fat and fluffy. White or wholemeal, they’re perfect toasted with a poached egg, bacon, smoked salmon even, or just butter and jam.


Scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam
Scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam (click on image to enlarge)

Scones – back on the menu this week too. Something for your afternoon cup of tea. Eat them fresh from my oven, or pop them in the freezer (plain, wholemeal and wholemeal raisin) with a pot of Clotted Cream of course!

Prices and how to order:

Chelsea Buns: 10€ for 6
English Muffins: 8€ for 6
American Muffins: 8€ for 6
Scones: 12€ for 12
Clotted Cream: €5 per pot

Please place your order by email any time today,  or tomorrow (Wednesday 2nd May) ready to collect from me in Merode on Friday, 4th April.

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