Vitamin C, the easy way…

Oh yes, Autumn really has arrived and with it pharmacies across the land are busy stocking up on Vitamin C pills the size of elephant tranquillisers. Because this, I am reliably informed, is the time of year when you need to start building up your defences.  So, in the interests of cold and flu prevention, this week’s Weekly Bake is packed full of Vitamin C and, I think I can confidently say, it’ll be considerably easier to swallow!

Iced Lemon Buns (soft white bread rolls coated in lemon water icing), or what about a nice sticky Coiled Lemon and Orange Roll sprinkled liberally with almonds – the picture below says it all.

Sticky Orange Lemon and Almond Rolls
Sticky Orange Lemon and Almond Rolls (click to enlarge)
Iced Lemon Buns
Iced Lemon Buns (click to enlarge)

Orange and Almond Rolls: €12 for 6
Iced Lemon Buns: €10 for 6

How to Order:
Please place your order by email: any time today (Tuesday 9th Oct) or tomorrow (Wednesday, 10th Oct) ready to collect by appointment from The English Baker in Merode on Friday, 12th Oct.

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