No Weekly Bake, but Christmas is coming – place your orders now!

You may have noticed that it’s still only November – but, in the tradition of all good retailers, The English Baker is already getting into the spirit of Yuletide.

Actually, The aroma of brandy, spices, oranges and dried fruit has been permeating The English Baker’s kitchen since October because a traditional British Christmas cake is rather like The English Baker herself, it get’s better with age.  Another similarity is that a good Christmas cake quite likes a drop of brandy occasionally – so, let the festivities begin, I say!

Christmas Cake and Pudding
Christmas Cake and Pudding (click to enlarge)

Here are a couple of examples of the end result.  There are several sizes and designs to choose from and the little 10cm cakes make perfect presents too.

A traditional British Christmas cake is essentially a dark fruit cake made with dried currents, raisins, sultanas, cherries and almonds steeped in brandy or sherry.  The Christmas cakes are also available as rich chocolate cakes if you prefer.

Also available to order now, are traditional Christmas Puddings. For the uninitiated, this is one of those steamed puddings we British are famous for.  It is rather like a dark fruit cake, made with dried fruits, nuts and brandy and slowly steamed (or boiled) twice – once by me, and once again by you before serving.  It is served flambéed in yet more brandy and eaten hot with lashings of custard, rum sauce or rum butter (well, it is Christmas).  Actually, the alcohol is cooked off during the cooking process, so fine for kids to eat too.

Christmas Cakes:  Start from €17.50 for a mini 10cm cake.
Christmas Puddings:
€12 for a 1/4 pint (150ml appx) individual pudding,
€20 for 1/2 pint (300ml appx) pudding,
€40 for 1 pint (600ml appx) pudding
€65 for 2 pint (1.2 ltr appx) pudding

How to order:
Please place your order by email before 1st December.  When ordering a cake, please leave a contact telephone number so The English Baker can call you back to discuss the size and design you would like for your cake.

The cakes and puddings will be ready for collection by appointment from The English Baker in Merode Friday 16th or Saturday 17th December.

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