The Weekly Bake goes gently…

This week´s Weekly Bake, sees the return of a couple of old friends, The Apple Pie and The Iced Lemon Bun. I thought I´d give you a break after last week´s wicked indulgences.

English Apple Pie
English Apple Pie (click on image to enlarge)

With it´s crisp, light and slightly sweet pastry, The English Baker´s Apple Pie is packed full of apples and a hint of lemon.

Iced Lemon Buns in a Bowl
Iced Lemon Buns in a Bowl (click on image to enlarge)

Weekly Bake number two continues the lemony theme with wonderfully soft, sweet Lemon Buns, smothered in a thin coating of lemon icing – perfect for your elevensies.

Apple Pie: €15 (8 portions)
Iced Lemon Buns: €12 for 6

How to order:
As always, just email any time today (Wed 30th January) for collection by appointment from The English Baker in Merode on Friday, 1st February.

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