Magic Muffins…and friend…

So, what’s the difference between English Muffins, and American Muffins?

English Muffins in a basket
English Muffins in a basket

Well, quite a lot actually.  The English Muffin is a bread made with yeast and then cooked on a griddle (think rectangular frying pan without the handle) which is why it looks a bit toasted each side.  This is the basis of the famous brunch dish, Eggs Benedict.  Otherwise, just split in half, fling it in the toaster and eat with lashings of butter and jam.  By the way, NEVER cut a good home-made English Muffin in half with a knife – it’ll just collapse and wrinkle like a prune.  Take your fork and stick it in all around the side of the muffin, then pull apart.

Plain American Muffins with Butter and Jam
Plain American Muffins with Butter and Jam

Now for the ubiquitous American Muffin. Well, this (of course) is a cake, a little like a big, fat, knobbly cupcake, but without the frosting.  These can be sweet (like the mass produced ones you find in every coffee shop chain from here to Shanghai), or savoury, or actually, somewhere in between….as in the Plain American Muffin. Great for breakfast, warmed slightly in the oven and served with butter and jam, or cheese, or bacon, or…..etc…etc…

Scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam
Scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam

Which brings me (in a round-a-bout sort of way) to the great British Scone. Possibly our greatest contribution to the culinary arts and (most importantly) the rest of the world has NO IDEA how to make them – so I’m not going to tell you, you’ll just have to taste mine….

Best eaten slightly warmed in the oven, then split (by hand) in half, with a large blob of clotted cream and strawberry jam.

English Muffins: 6 for €12
Plain American Muffins: 6 for €12
Scones: 12 for €12
Clotted Cream: €5 per pot (enough for 12 scones)

How to order:
As always, just email any time today (Wed 6th March) for collection by appointment from The English Baker in Merode on Friday, 9th March.

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