Quiet Baker: Busy Oven…

Pussy Cat Cake

Pussy Cat Cake


The English Baker blog has indeed been somewhat quiet for some time now.  In fact, completely silent would be more accurate.  But, The English Baker has not gone anywhere.  I have not been involved in an unfortunate culinary accident with a whisk (not one that I am prepared to discuss here anyhow).   Neither have I moved to Bermuda…The English Baker is alive and baking in Brussels, with all the necessary body parts in full working order.

Just a little overworked that’s all….

So, no more Weekly Bakes for the time being.  However, do not despair, it is still possible to order all your favourite British breads and pastries baked to order.  Just place your order one week in advance, and make an appointment to collect your order from The English Baker in Merode at a time that suits you.

Not only that, The English Baker will also be offering a selection of Seasonal Bakes throughout the year which can be ordered in advance. Sign up to follow The English Baker blog and receive the updates.

Finally, as definitive proof that The English Baker has indeed been slaving over a hot oven and not simply lying on the sofa with a mug of tea and a copy of Hello!, here is a selection of some of the Bespoke Cakes, Breads and Pastries ordered over the last few months.  Feel free to leave a comment, by the way!


Dragon Cake

Dragon Cake

Buzz Lightyear (egg Free biscuit cake)

Buzz Lightyear
(egg Free biscuit cake)

Girly Fairy Cakes

Girly Fairy Cakes

Marzipan Christmas Cake

Marzipan Christmas Cake

Rose Wedding Cake

Rose Wedding Cake

Mini White Poinsettia Cake

Mini White Poinsettia Cake

Jam Doughnuts

Jam Doughnuts

Fresh Raspberry Bakewell Tart

Fresh Raspberry Bakewell Tart

Sticky Lemon, Orange and Almond Rolls

Sticky Lemon, Orange and Almond Rolls



Following this week’s Weekly Bake, The English Baker will resume The Weekly Bake on Tuesday, 16th April, not 16th March!

Great Egg-spectations from The Weekly Bake

Sorry I’m late…

….now, I’ve found the big furry feet, but where did I put those floppy ears…

Well, never mind, while I’m looking, here’s another Weekly Bake…

Oh yes, yet another eggs-cuse to indulge yourself and your loved ones – after all those weeks of self-denial (or self-delusion for the weak-willed), Lent is finally over.  So here’s a guilt-free special Easter Weekly Bake, just for you.  What’s more, you’ve got a few extra days to decide.

As the English Baker will be away for Easter, this week’s Weekly Bake has been extended.  So, you can place your orders any time from now until Saturday 23rd March ready for collection by appointment from The English Baker in Merode on Tuesday, 26th or Wednesday, 27th March.  All the items in this Weekly Bake will last until Easter Day.

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns (click to enlarge)

First off, is an absolute classic of the Easter Menu, the Hot Cross Bun. Traditionally eaten on Good Friday (the last Friday before Easter), this spiced little sweet raisin-filled bun is decorated with a cross (signifying the Cross of Jesus).  Eat split in two and toasted for breakfast with as much butter as you can legally get away with.

Simnel Cake

Simnel Cake (click to enlarge)

Second is a celebration cake, called a Simnel Cake. Although now eaten at Easter, it was originally given by daughters to their mothers on Mothering Sunday – which is usually halfway through Lent, so maybe the poor old Mums just had to look at it till Easter. Anyhow, it’s essentially a lighter version of the traditional Christmas fruit cake, with a hidden layer of marzipan baked inside and a layer marzipan on top, then decorated with 11 balls of slightly singed marzipan to represent the Apostles – yes, I know there were twelve, but that rat Judas doesn’t count.

Easter Cake Pops

Easter Cake Pops (click to enlarge)

Third, are those delightful balls of chocolate or vanilla cake squidged together with icing and dipped in chocolate – a.k.a. Cake Pops.  Here’s a selection of Eastery ones, but if you have a particular liking for say pigs or dogs or chickens or eyeballs, or just a nice pattern, let me know when you place your order – most things are possible!

Anyway, that’s it for a little while as The English Baker is taking a little Easter break.

So, like that pesky wabbit always says,

“That’s all folks!”

…Now, where did I put those ears….

Hot Cross Buns: €12 for 6
Simnel Cake: €35 (serves 8):
Cake Pops (Vanilla or Chocolate): €3.50 each (minimum order per flavour 6)

How to order:
As always, just email theenglishbaker@gmail.com any time from now until Saturday 23rd March ready for collection by appointment from The English Baker in Merode on Tuesday, 26th or Wednesday, 27th March.  All the items in this Weekly Bake will last until Easter Day.

The Weekly Bake will be back Tuesday, 16th March.

Hey Y’all, it’s the Weekly Bake…

OMG, The English Baker’s gone all American…

Thought I’d try a couple of real American classics this week – not exactly low cal, but quite frankly have you seen the weather out there?  I think bikini time is a little way off yet…

Chocolate Cake Donuts

Chocolate Cake Donuts (click image to enlarge)

Number One American Classic:  The Cake Donut (spelt the American way too, you’ll notice).  Why is it a “cake” donut?  Well, the regular (note the American English) donut is made with yeast, and is therefore technically a bread.  The Cake Donut, on the other hand, is leavened with baking powder, hence, it’s a cake.  So what does this mean taste-wise ? Well, simply that these donuts are the more delicious and considerably less chemical version of the ones you buy at the store (American English again, what has come over me?) The ones in the picture are covered in a chocolate frosting, but vanilla is possible too, or even chocolate and coconut if you’re feeling a bit tropical.

Double Choc Chip Cookies

Double Choc Chip Cookies (click image to enlarge)

Number Two American Classic: Well, it’s the Chocolate Chip Cookie.  Not exactly beautiful (my kids call them cow pat cookies actually), but there is a certain charm in their knobbliness and they are SOOOOOOOO moreish.  Slightly crunchy around the edges, soft and squishy in the middle…’nuff said.  The ones pictured and made with milk and white chocolate chips, but a chocolate and pecan version is available too…

Cake Donuts (Chocolate, Vanilla, or Chocolate & Coconut): €15 for 6
Chocolate Chip Cookies (Milk & White Choc Chip, Choc Chip & Pecan): 10€ for 6

How to order:
As always, just email theenglishbaker@gmail.com any time today (Wed 13th March) for collection by appointment from The English Baker in Merode on Friday, 15th March.