The Weekly Bake goes gently…

This week´s Weekly Bake, sees the return of a couple of old friends, The Apple Pie and The Iced Lemon Bun. I thought I´d give you a break after last week´s wicked indulgences.

English Apple Pie

English Apple Pie (click on image to enlarge)

With it´s crisp, light and slightly sweet pastry, The English Baker´s Apple Pie is packed full of apples and a hint of lemon.

Iced Lemon Buns in a Bowl

Iced Lemon Buns in a Bowl (click on image to enlarge)

Weekly Bake number two continues the lemony theme with wonderfully soft, sweet Lemon Buns, smothered in a thin coating of lemon icing – perfect for your elevensies.

Apple Pie: €15 (8 portions)
Iced Lemon Buns: €12 for 6

How to order:
As always, just email any time today (Wed 30th January) for collection by appointment from The English Baker in Merode on Friday, 1st February.


Who ate all the pies?

Well, you actually…

Yes, you my lovely customers.  The Bramley Apple Pie went down such a storm, I thought I’d do some more for this week’s Weekly Bake.  However, this time I’ve added a few blackberries and a hint of cinnamon and cloves for a lovely wine-coloured Autumn Fruit Pie.  As you can see from the picture – The English Baker doesn’t believe in being stingy on the fruit, so one slice should definitely count for at least one portion of your Recommended Daily Allowance.  Not only that, with pastry this crisp you’ll have to have another piece, so there’s your second portion of fruit already!

For the non-dessert-minded, here’s an old favourite.  The quintessential English Muffin.  Soft and doughy – forget those terrible old chewy things you buy in a packet.  Brown or white, whichever you prefer, these are perfect for sandwiches or how about toasted with eggs, bacon or smoked salmon.

Autumn Fruit Pie

Autumn Fruit Pie (click image to enlarge)

English Muffins in a basket

English Muffins in a basket (click image to enlarge)

Autumn Fruit Pie: €15 (serves 8)

English Muffins Brown or White:
€8 for 6

How to order:
Email any time today (Tuesday, 2nd Oct) or tomorrow (Thursday, 3rd Oct) for collection by appointment from The English Baker in Merode on Friday, 4th Oct.

I’m back….

Back with a vengeance? No, just a pie….

As summer draws to its end, the English apple season returns. So, what better way to celebrate English baking than with a good old-fashioned pie packed with Bramleys from an English country garden – my parents’, to be precise.  No chemicals, just apples from the faithful old tree at the bottom of the garden, a squeeze of lemon and lots of sugar (Bramleys are cooking apples, so need a good dose of the sweet stuff), encased in crisp, buttery pastry.  Eat warm or cold with a big blob of clotted cream or my home-made vanilla ice-cream.

English Apple Pie

English Apple Pie (click image to enlarge)

Apple pie (23cm): 15€

Clotted Cream: 5€ per pot

Home-made Vanilla Ice-cream: 10€ for 500ml

How to order:
Order by email: any time before 12 o’clock tomorrow (Thursday, 6th September) for collection from The English Baker on Friday, 7th September.