The Weekly Bake goes gently…

This week´s Weekly Bake, sees the return of a couple of old friends, The Apple Pie and The Iced Lemon Bun. I thought I´d give you a break after last week´s wicked indulgences. With it´s crisp, light and slightly sweet pastry, The English Baker´s Apple Pie is packed full of apples and a hint ofContinue reading “The Weekly Bake goes gently…”

Who ate all the pies?

Well, you actually… Yes, you my lovely customers.  The Bramley Apple Pie went down such a storm, I thought I’d do some more for this week’s Weekly Bake.  However, this time I’ve added a few blackberries and a hint of cinnamon and cloves for a lovely wine-coloured Autumn Fruit Pie.  As you can see fromContinue reading “Who ate all the pies?”

I’m back….

Back with a vengeance? No, just a pie…. As summer draws to its end, the English apple season returns. So, what better way to celebrate English baking than with a good old-fashioned pie packed with Bramleys from an English country garden – my parents’, to be precise.  No chemicals, just apples from the faithful oldContinue reading “I’m back….”