Something missing?

You may have noticed that The Weekly Bake has gone missing this week… My apologies, but The English Baker has been so inundated with Christmas orders that The Weekly Bake has had to be cancelled this week! But, never fear, next week there will be a Special Extended Christmassy Weekly Bake, so watch out for theContinue reading “Something missing?”

Nuts about a good tart…

This week’s Weekly Bake is dedicated to nutty tarts…. Nutty tart No1: The great British Bakewell Tart This classic layered tart is made with a crisp sweet pastry base, a layer of raspberry jam (mine also has a few fresh raspberries for a bit of sharpness) followed by a layer of moist almond sponge andContinue reading “Nuts about a good tart…”

No Weekly Bake, but Christmas is coming – place your orders now!

You may have noticed that it’s still only November – but, in the tradition of all good retailers, The English Baker is already getting into the spirit of Yuletide. Actually, The aroma of brandy, spices, oranges and dried fruit has been permeating The English Baker’s kitchen since October because a traditional British Christmas cake isContinue reading “No Weekly Bake, but Christmas is coming – place your orders now!”

Not just Weekly Bakes y’know…

As well as the Weekly Bakes, The English Baker also creates beautiful AND delicious cakes to order.  Both these cakes are wonderfully moist chocolate cakes with chocolate ganache frosting (that’s chocolate and double cream to the uninitiated). How to order: If you would like to order a celebration cake, email with your request and any ideas.Continue reading “Not just Weekly Bakes y’know…”

The English Baker’scone completely mad!

Sorry about the pun – couldn’t resist it! Yes, this week’s Weekly Bake is all about the humble scone.  Is it a bread or is it a cake? Well, it’s both.  The classic scone actually has exactly the same ingredients as the plain American muffin so you could quite legitimately call it a cake.  However,Continue reading “The English Baker’scone completely mad!”