Great Egg-spectations from The Weekly Bake

Sorry I’m late… ….now, I’ve found the big furry feet, but where did I put those floppy ears… Well, never mind, while I’m looking, here’s another Weekly Bake… Oh yes, yet another eggs-cuse to indulge yourself and your loved ones – after all those weeks of self-denial (or self-delusion for the weak-willed), Lent is finallyContinue reading “Great Egg-spectations from The Weekly Bake”

Magic Muffins…and friend…

So, what’s the difference between English Muffins, and American Muffins? Well, quite a lot actually.  The English Muffin is a bread made with yeast and then cooked on a griddle (think rectangular frying pan without the handle) which is why it looks a bit toasted each side.  This is the basis of the famous brunch dish, EggsContinue reading “Magic Muffins…and friend…”

Who ate all the pies?

Well, you actually… Yes, you my lovely customers.  The Bramley Apple Pie went down such a storm, I thought I’d do some more for this week’s Weekly Bake.  However, this time I’ve added a few blackberries and a hint of cinnamon and cloves for a lovely wine-coloured Autumn Fruit Pie.  As you can see fromContinue reading “Who ate all the pies?”

Who needs a jumper when you’ve got a Chelsea Bun…

Well, by popular demand, those soft, gooey buns are back on the Weekly Bake menu.  Not only the preserve of the inhabitants of Chelsea, Chelsea Buns (aka Cinnamon Rolls) are pretty much at the top of The English Baker’s most asked for list. For newcomers to The English Baker blog, these coiled sweet bread rollsContinue reading “Who needs a jumper when you’ve got a Chelsea Bun…”


For this week’s Weekly Bake, we’re going a little bit silly, a little bit traditional and a little bit healthy… First on the list, one of my favourites from my days at St Trinian’s, The Custard Tart (or Pie, in the US) – made with a real vanilla egg custard, flavoured with a hint ofContinue reading “Weekly Bake: FOOOOOD FIIIIIIIGGGHHHT!”