Quiet Baker: Busy Oven…

  The English Baker blog has indeed been somewhat quiet for some time now.  In fact, completely silent would be more accurate.  But, The English Baker has not gone anywhere.  I have not been involved in an unfortunate culinary accident with a whisk (not one that I am prepared to discuss here anyhow).   NeitherContinue reading “Quiet Baker: Busy Oven…”

Hey Y’all, it’s the Weekly Bake…

OMG, The English Baker’s gone all American… Thought I’d try a couple of real American classics this week – not exactly low cal, but quite frankly have you seen the weather out there?  I think bikini time is a little way off yet… Number One American Classic:  The Cake Donut (spelt the American way too,Continue reading “Hey Y’all, it’s the Weekly Bake…”

Not just Weekly Bakes y’know…

As well as the Weekly Bakes, The English Baker also creates beautiful AND delicious cakes to order.  Both these cakes are wonderfully moist chocolate cakes with chocolate ganache frosting (that’s chocolate and double cream to the uninitiated). How to order: If you would like to order a celebration cake, email theenglishbaker@gmail.com with your request and any ideas.Continue reading “Not just Weekly Bakes y’know…”

Edible worms….

Here’s a quick post – another Birthday Cake from The English Baker.  Lily always has a chocolate hedgehog cake for her birthday (actually it’s the Mikado sticks she really likes).  This year, her mother and I thought her hedgehog might like a friend or two. My favourite part of this cake is the worms! HowContinue reading “Edible worms….”

The English Baker is going on a busman’s holiday

No, The English Baker is not taking up a second career.  I am taking a break during the summer, and will be doing a couple of baking and decorating courses back in England – like the old English saying about a bus driver going on holiday in his bus, hence a “busman’s holiday”! Weekly BakesContinue reading “The English Baker is going on a busman’s holiday”