Great Egg-spectations from The Weekly Bake

Sorry I’m late… ….now, I’ve found the big furry feet, but where did I put those floppy ears… Well, never mind, while I’m looking, here’s another Weekly Bake… Oh yes, yet another eggs-cuse to indulge yourself and your loved ones – after all those weeks of self-denial (or self-delusion for the weak-willed), Lent is finallyContinue reading “Great Egg-spectations from The Weekly Bake”

Hey Y’all, it’s the Weekly Bake…

OMG, The English Baker’s gone all American… Thought I’d try a couple of real American classics this week – not exactly low cal, but quite frankly have you seen the weather out there?  I think bikini time is a little way off yet… Number One American Classic:  The Cake Donut (spelt the American way too,Continue reading “Hey Y’all, it’s the Weekly Bake…”

Eat, drink and be merry…the end of the world is nigh!

Less than two weeks to Christmas, but only 9 days till the End of the World (apparently)….hmmm, decisions, decisions…. Oh never mind, either way you’ve got the perfect excuse to eat as much as you possibly can in the shortest possible amount of time. So, if you’ve never tried a Weekly Bake, this could beContinue reading “Eat, drink and be merry…the end of the world is nigh!”

The Weekly Bake is back…a little late, but not forgotten.

This week, Comfort reigns in The English Baker’s kitchen… So this Weekly Bake sees the return of an English Baker favourite, Cheddar and Bacon Bread.   Perfect warmed in the oven ready to dunk in your soup on a cold wintry evening or, for the desk-bound, this is a great lunch-box bread. By the way, kids loveContinue reading “The Weekly Bake is back…a little late, but not forgotten.”

Edible worms….

Here’s a quick post – another Birthday Cake from The English Baker.  Lily always has a chocolate hedgehog cake for her birthday (actually it’s the Mikado sticks she really likes).  This year, her mother and I thought her hedgehog might like a friend or two. My favourite part of this cake is the worms! HowContinue reading “Edible worms….”