The English Baker’scone completely mad!

Sorry about the pun – couldn’t resist it! Yes, this week’s Weekly Bake is all about the humble scone.  Is it a bread or is it a cake? Well, it’s both.  The classic scone actually has exactly the same ingredients as the plain American muffin so you could quite legitimately call it a cake.  However,Continue reading “The English Baker’scone completely mad!”

The Weekly Bake is back…a little late, but not forgotten.

This week, Comfort reigns in The English Baker’s kitchen… So this Weekly Bake sees the return of an English Baker favourite, Cheddar and Bacon Bread.   Perfect warmed in the oven ready to dunk in your soup on a cold wintry evening or, for the desk-bound, this is a great lunch-box bread. By the way, kids loveContinue reading “The Weekly Bake is back…a little late, but not forgotten.”

Is it a tart? Is it a cake? No, it’s another Weekly Bake….

First on the list of Weekly Bakes this week is my version of the world famous (in England) Bakewell Tart.  In fact,  the Bakewell Tart is so well known in England that it’s town of origin, the Derbyshire town of Bakewell, has built up an entire tourist industry around this delicious pastry.  Originally eaten asContinue reading “Is it a tart? Is it a cake? No, it’s another Weekly Bake….”

The English Baker is going on a busman’s holiday

No, The English Baker is not taking up a second career.  I am taking a break during the summer, and will be doing a couple of baking and decorating courses back in England – like the old English saying about a bus driver going on holiday in his bus, hence a “busman’s holiday”! Weekly BakesContinue reading “The English Baker is going on a busman’s holiday”


For this week’s Weekly Bake, we’re going a little bit silly, a little bit traditional and a little bit healthy… First on the list, one of my favourites from my days at St Trinian’s, The Custard Tart (or Pie, in the US) – made with a real vanilla egg custard, flavoured with a hint ofContinue reading “Weekly Bake: FOOOOOD FIIIIIIIGGGHHHT!”