I’m back….

Back with a vengeance? No, just a pie…. As summer draws to its end, the English apple season returns. So, what better way to celebrate English baking than with a good old-fashioned pie packed with Bramleys from an English country garden – my parents’, to be precise.  No chemicals, just apples from the faithful oldContinue reading “I’m back….”

It’s the Dads’ turn….

As I write the sun is peeping through the clouds, so maybe we’ll get a good week-end for all those hardworking fathers out there.  But, even if the sun isn’t out, I have a great antidote to a rain drenched week-end…and it doesn’t involve sport, beer or telly.  The special Fathers’ Day Brunch Weekly BakeContinue reading “It’s the Dads’ turn….”