Magic Muffins…and friend…

So, what’s the difference between English Muffins, and American Muffins? Well, quite a lot actually.  The English Muffin is a bread made with yeast and then cooked on a griddle (think rectangular frying pan without the handle) which is why it looks a bit toasted each side.  This is the basis of the famous brunch dish, EggsContinue reading “Magic Muffins…and friend…”

A Weekly Bake, but not for the faint-hearted….

As there will be no Weekly Bake next week, Halloween has come early to The English Baker’s kitchen.  So, if you are of nervous disposition….look….away….. NOW! Actually, this week’s Weekly Bake is utterly delicious (of course) and not at all scary – no spiders, I promise…. Number one on the list is the very seasonal, PecanContinue reading “A Weekly Bake, but not for the faint-hearted….”